10 Reasons For Divorce In New Marriages

By: Kratika Mon, 27 June 2022 4:49:13

10 Reasons for Divorce in New Marriages

Divorce isn’t a bubble that’s ready to burst. Most people assume that a divorce is a shocker, something that comes right out of the blue when it is least expected. And some people don’t even know the reasons for divorce!

Perhaps, to family and friends, that may be the case. But to the couple involved, it’s something they would have seen all along.

Most of us make the grave error of taking the things that matter most for granted. And a marriage that’s taken for granted has a good chance of ending in divorce.

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# You think you’re too good

Have you ever felt like you’re too good for your partner? Or do you think you deserve someone better than your spouse? It may seem like a petty and funny thought now, but dissatisfaction over time will trick you into making mistakes you may end up regretting.

Your spouse may have a lot of great qualities too, only if you can get your head out of the clouds and take a good look at them.

# You feel constrained

Ever felt like the marriage is holding you back from achieving your true potential, be it a career option or racking up notches on the bedpost?

If you feel like you’re too good to be tied down, big chances are, you’ll look for every opportunity to break out of the cage when no one’s looking.

# Lack of communication

Communication isn’t just about talking to each other – it’s one of the biggest reasons for divorce. Communication is about understanding each other clearly and learning more about each other.

Most couples talk but don’t communicate. A relationship without good communication is a bomb waiting to explode.

# Expectations from each other

For many, marriage is the next step in a great way of life. But that’s not the case for everyone. When two lovers get married, they have expectations from each other and the relationship.

And at times, the expectations aren’t mutual and end up distancing two people who haven’t communicated each other’s wants and expectations at the time of marriage.

reasons for divorce in new marriages,mates and me,relationship tips

# Difference in cultural backgrounds

In the beginning, the stark differences in families and friends, and different religious beliefs may seem cute and worth a petty fight. But all it takes is a few months of suppressed ideas and opposing thoughts to wreak havoc in a marriage.

# Your spouse doesn’t understand your needs or wants

This is far more common than most people assume, and this can easily turn into one of the big reasons for divorce. As we evolve as individuals, we have our own needs and wants in life. Have you ever felt like your partner doesn’t understand your passion or interests in life?

# A sudden change in lifestyle

Marriage isn’t just a ring around the finger. It’s a whole new life and a new lifestyle. If you haven’t moved in with each other, you may never understand the real issues of living together.

If you love your space and privacy and hate having someone breathing down your neck all the time, perhaps moving in together first would be a better way to test the waters.


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