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11 Personality Traits Of People Who Like To Be Alone

By: Kratika Wed, 07 Apr 2021 3:38 PM

11 Personality Traits of People Who Like To Be Alone

Do you like to be alone?

Do you feel more ìaliveî when youíre at home doing something you enjoy than when youíre with others?

Donít worry. Youíre not the only one. In fact, Iím just like you.

But have you ever wondered why you enjoy alone time as much as you do?

Iíve been wondering this about myself for a while, so to prove that Iím not weird for spending so much time alone I started to research why this is might be the case.

Here are 11 personality traits and behaviors of people who like to be alone.

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# Youíre an introvert


Iím sure youíve heard of the word ìintrovertî before, or you already understand what it means.

Basically an introvert gets drained of energy when they spend time with others, whereas an extrovert gains energy.

In fact, studies have suggested that introverts tend to be highly sensitive to the neurotransmitter ìdopamineî, which fires in the brain far too often with prolonged social exposure.

You also tend to find alone time as peaceful and even energizing.

So if you find yourself becoming easily drained of energy when youíre around others, then it might be the case that youíre an introvert and this the reason you enjoy spending time alone.

# You tend to have less energy than others

Weíve all met them before. The type of person that seems to have an endless supply of energy.

Theyíre fun to hang out with for 30 minutes but after that, they can get seriously annoying.

Now Iím not talking just introvert vs extrovert here. Iím talking about basic energy supply.

For you, your favorite place is a comfortable couch or chair, whereas others get energized from being active.

No this doesnít mean youíre not fit or you donít exercise at all. You can still exercise.

You just love taking time out and sitting on the couch. Itís where you feel at peace. Itís where you energize yourself. And itís where you ponder your deepest thoughts (or watch TV!).

Whereas some people feel more energy after being active, youíd rather relax.

Thereís nothing wrong with that, and thatís why you love spending time alone.

# When youíre alone, you get to do what you want to do

When youíre with other people, you donít always get to do what you want to. Thereís always an element of compromise.

You canít always pick your favorite movie or go to your favorite restaurant when there are other people involved.

And sure, every now and then itís fine to try a new restaurant that your friend recommends.

But when it comes down to it, youíd rather just do what you want to do.

This is why you love being alone. You donít have to compromise. You can work on your passion projects or watch your favorite TV shows. Everything is easy.

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# You prefer quiet time

Youíre at peace with your soul when youíre sitting in silence.

But as soon as people are around, the peace you love is gone.

And itís not even the other person making noise that upsets you. Itís their presence that makes you uncomfortable. It means you canít fully relax and enjoy the moment.

Itís only when youíre alone that you can completely let go and be yourself.

# You canít stand small-talk

Weíve all been there.

ìHow are you?î ìGreat weather today!î

ArrghÖsuch a waste of time.

For you, small-talk is meaningless and superficial. You donít get to know someone for who they truly are.

Instead, the questions and answers lack so much meaning that it doesnít need to be said.

Itís just a way to fill the silence, but for you, youíd rather bask in the glory of silence!

This is why you come across as a cold person to others.

If youíre going to talk to someone, youíd rather get to know them at a deep level. What makes them tick. What is their life plan?

You want to know the purpose behind someoneís actions and what they find joyful in life. That is what really gets your juices flowing.

But small-talk is so common these days that youíd prefer spending time alone.

# You do you your best work alone

You are much more productive when youíre alone in your office than when others are near you.

This is because itís hard for you to not get distracted when other people around you.

People talking, random questions while youíre working, the sounds of people chewing their food around you. It irks you to your core and it can really upset your workflow.

Perhaps this has something to do with the fact that youíre not as comfortable around others as extroverts are.

You prefer to be alone concentrating on what you need to get done.

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# You donít gossip or engage in drama

GossipingÖtalking about people behind their backÖone-upping people to make yourself look better. Thatís just not your style.

In your mind, people spend way too much time on these toxic behaviors. Itís just wasted energy. For you, it doesnít even make you feel good.

Youíd prefer to focus on yourself while keeping the peace with everyone else.

Now of course youíd stand up for yourself and others if you need to, but this is different.

In the end, gossiping about who did what, who insulted who and why so and so is a bad person only serves to make others feel bad, and that is the last thing you want to do.

# You are emotionally independent

You donít have a strong desire to be around people all the time. You also donít rely on people to give you validation and make you feel better. You are your own source of happiness.

You also consider yourself a balanced person. Your highs arenít as high as other people and your lows arenít as low.

You rely on yourself to deal with your own emotional problems. You donít search for outside help.

This makes you feel comfortable and secure when youíre spending time alone because youíre not relying on anything (or anyone) for your own happiness.

# You find it hard to deal with peopleís emotional issues

Even though youíre emotionally independent, you actually find helping others with their emotional struggles as quite challenging.

This is most likely because you have strong empathy and you can feel the pain another person is feeling.

When youíre asked to help someone, it can then feel like the weight of that burden falls heavily on your own shoulders as you absorb their emotions.

This is why you like spending time alone as it is the simplest way to keep your emotional balance.

# Youíre quite content with your life

Youíre perfectly happy with how your lifeís going and where youíre at. You donít need to constantly see people and arrange nights out to feel better about yourself.

You accept yourself for who you are and youíre happy to spend time alone doing what you want to do.

Thereís no FOMO (fear of missing out) when you miss social occasions because you know that youíd have a better time home alone anyway.

This makes it very easy for you to say ìnoî when someone asks you out.

# You just donít like many people

You have a few close friends and family that you enjoy spending time with.

But in your eyes, the majority of people just arenít worth getting to know.

Theyíre generally not interested in the same things that you are, and they donít like to think in the complex manner that you do.

Youíve also had friendships in the past where you canít seem to get over their flaws or their self-absorbed attitude.

Now youíve learned by experience that the trouble they cause in your life just isnít worth it.

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