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4 Ways To Decide When To Finally Ask A Person Out

By: Pinki Mon, 11 Apr 2022 12:30:34

4 Ways To Decide When To Finally Ask a Person Out

It’s difficult to gauge whether or not it’s safe to meet someone you encountered online, especially now that social media’s making it easy to fake identities, resumes, and even the lives that people live. This may be a non-issue for online daters, however; you’ve already delved into the unknown.

That is why, before you decide to dabble in online dating, you need to make sure that you’ve covered all your bases and that you are as safe as you can be in a world where serial killers exist. Make sure your GPS is on and that you give a friend bi-hourly updates all throughout the date.

When we rely on a person’s online information, we start to fill the blanks using social media, rather than real-life interaction. While you continue to prolong the inevitable moment when you’re supposed to meet, you’ve arrived at certain conclusions that may or may not be true.

The unfortunate fact is, you’ve already pre-judged this person based on what they’ve stated online. Without the necessary answers from their end, it could end up being a negative assessment of the person as a whole.

Anybody can be guilty of this, but that just goes to show that conversing with a person while looking into their eyes, noticing the way they move, and how your own body reacts to them is a better measuring tool than going through a detailed questionnaire on their dating profile.

The outcome of the study doesn’t offer much in terms of specific timelines, but we can provide you with a list of factors to consider when deciding when to ask your online date out.

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# Background checks

We’re aware that not all of you have skills that would put the FBI and CIA to shame, but you can still rely on social media profiles to gauge whether or not a person is telling the truth. Just cross-reference the facts they’ve offered during your conversations with their social media profiles. If your instincts still tell you that something’s fishy, get out of there fast.

# Ask your common friends *if there are any* if they can vouch for this person

You can also ask friends of friends, so you can get a better idea of whether or not you can trust this person. Don’t worry about people thinking you’re a stalker; it’s better to be safe and well-informed than to end up with an asshole or worse.

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# Do they exist?

Not everyone has an online presence, but when it comes to online dating, you have to make sure that your date is easy to find. It’s possible that they are lying, but it’s easy to check whether or not they’ve existed long enough in cyberspace to validate their claims. For security reasons, it’s best that you don’t go out with anybody who doesn’t offer their social media links, or if you can’t Google their name and workplace.

# Trust your gut

Most of the time, your instincts will tell you if you’re making the right decision. No, you don’t have proof of any wrongdoing, but you’ll never get any at this point. So, the best thing you can do is follow your gut, hope you made the right choice, and never look back.

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