6 Signs That Tell You Are Really In Love

By: Pinki Mon, 13 June 2022 3:07:51

6 Signs That Tell You are Really in Love

Love is a weird and wonderful thing. For sure, once established, it’s great to be in love but when you’re not totally sure what you’re feeling, it can be hard to know how to act or what to say. After all, are they on the same page as you? Are you feeling lust instead of love? There are many questions to answer! Are you in love? Only you can answer that, but first, you need to understand how it feels and how to tell.

For sure, we spend most of our lives looking for love and when we have it, there’s always a bunch of questions that pop up. Am I ready? Do they really love me? Are you in love for real? Do I see them in my future?

The list goes on and on. Yet, we want this agony! We long to go through these personal dilemmas in the name of love. So, if you’re feeling something and you’re keen to put a label on it, let’s address the situation.

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# You think this person is different from the rest

To you, this person is literally the best thing walking this earth. You don’t see anyone else aside from your partner. This is a feeling strongly correlated to being in love.

If you don’t see anyone else with romantic eyes, perhaps you caught the love bug.

# You only see the positives

Do they have any flaws? Trust us, they do. Right now, you only look at their beautiful qualities. When you’re in love, you tend to overlook the negative attributes of people, focusing on only the good.

When you think about them, you’re smiling and daydreaming of seeing them again. That doesn’t mean you’ll never see their flaws or acknowledge them, but you accept them as being a flawed person – just like you. We all are!

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# Your emotions don’t feel completely stable at the start

Love isn’t all puppies and rainbows. You probably think you’re losing your mind, almost like being drunk, sometimes. You hit both sides of the spectrum: joy, giddiness, exhilaration. But then, something small happens, you feel extreme anxiety and sadness.

While love shouldn’t feel like a constant extreme rollercoaster of emotions, at times it will do. It should be quite calm and gentle most of the time, but at the start, you can expect a bumpy ride of sorts!

# They’re always on your mind

You eat, sleep, and work with them floating around in your head. This is called intrusive thinking and is actually a form of obsessive behavior, believe it or not.

Now, this behavior could be an issue if you find yourself unable to redirect yourself from obsessive thoughts. But don’t worry too much because everyone experiences this at the start of a new relationship.

If you find it hard to extract yourself from it and it’s taking over your life, however, that is when you need to take action and step back a little.

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# You spend most of your time with them

When you’re in love, you invest all of your time in being next to the person. You find yourself spending more time with them, distancing yourself from your friends.

In the beginning, this is somewhat normal. People always joke around about having their friends stolen by their girlfriends/boyfriends, because it’s true.

Of course, it should even itself out and you should find balance. It’s never a good thing to become codependent upon a partner, so always make sure that you find time for yourself and your friends.

# You defend your partner

If your friends say something negative about your partner, you defend them.

Regardless of whether you think your friends are right or not, you stand by your partner’s side. It’s admirable, but do remember that your partner is a normal human being and that means they can be wrong sometimes!

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