6 Tips To Make A Guy Lose Interest In You

By: Kratika Tue, 23 Nov 2021 12:46 PM

6 Tips To Make a Guy Lose Interest in You

You know, I rarely get requests and messages from people asking me how to make a guy lose interest in you. Usually, you’re asking me how to win someone’s heart or make someone fall in love with them.

So, I was pretty surprised to hear women wanted to know how to make someone lose interest in them. But, I think we’ve all had at least one experience where someone is really into us, but we don’t feel the same way.

Maybe we were curious at first, but after getting to know them, we realize it wouldn’t be a good match. While you know this, it’s not so easy to communicate these feelings.

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# Understand what you want

I’ve seen friends tell me they’re not interested in a guy, yet, weeks later, they’re trying to make him jealous and playing hard to get. Be honest with yourself and make a firm decision on how you feel about this guy.

Yes, he likes you, but do you like him or not? If you secretly have feelings for him, then why not explore them? If you really aren’t interested, then decide you won’t play games.

# Tell him you’re not interested

Listen, when someone likes you, they’re not going to suddenly lose interest in you. But, you should let them know how you feel about them. Be honest and open with your feelings, and tell him that you’re not interested. Sure, it may hurt his ego a bit, but it’s better than him chasing you around without knowing where he stands.

# If you feel comfortable, meet face-to-face

I’m not telling you to meet up with your stalker and tell him you’re not interested. Of course, decide how you choose to communicate with him based on your level of comfort with him.

If this is a friend and someone you respect, meet up with him and tell him how you feel. I know it’s hard, but over text or the phone, it’s easy to make room for miscommunication.

tips to make a guy lose interest in you,mates and me,relationship tips

# Don’t be hot and cold

Remember, you want him to lose interest in you. That’s why you should decide what you want. If you don’t know what you want, then you end up playing games. If you find yourself being hot and cold, stop what you’re doing and take a step back. Really consider what you want and how you feel about him.

# Don’t give him a lame excus

No one wants to have this conversation, I get it. But, what’s even worse is when you have this conversation with a guy who likes you, and you’re not honest. I know you don’t want to be harsh, and you shouldn’t be, but don’t make up excuses either. These excuses will only make him feel worse and not give him the closure he needs to move on.

# Be direct

You don’t need to give him a list of his flaws, telling him what you like and don’t like about him. And you shouldn’t give him a five-minute speech about how you’ve been feeling, etc. Just get to the point. He knows what’s coming, you know what’s coming, so don’t prolong the torture.

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