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6 Ways To Ask A Guy Out And Look Forward To A Big Yes

By: Kratika Mon, 22 Nov 2021 12:27 PM

6 Ways To Ask a Guy Out and Look Forward To a Big Yes

When you like a guy, you want to be around him as much as possible. You also want to cut to the chase and find out if he likes you too. That can be hard when mixed signals run riot! For sure, approaching him and trying to have a conversation isn’t the easiest thing, but if you want to date this guy, you have to talk to him! Luckily for you, there are ways you can learn how to ask a guy out in a way that gives you a much greater chance of success. You can also cut down on the cringe factor too!

Of course, you’d rather he asked you out so you don’t have to.Yet, at times, life can be a tad more complicated than we want it to be. At times like these, a girl has no choice but to make the first move.

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# Show him how amazing you are first

Before you learn how to ask a guy out, you need to warm him up first. You need to show him that you’re utterly amazing *because you are!* so he can’t help but agree to your date request. He might even end up asking you out first!

Laugh, make eye contact, be yourself, tell some jokes, don’t take life too seriously, and basically show him that you’re a fun girl who he’s going to love spending time with.

# Don’t play hard to get

You’ll hear a million and one pieces of advice about playing hard to get, but in our experience, it always backfires. Rather than trying to make him want you by pretending that you don’t like him, just smile and be yourself and make it clear that you like him back. ;:

That doesn’t have to mean coming right out with it, but by dropping a few useful hints instead.

# Find out his relationship status

Before you attempt to ask him out, you need to find out if he’s single first. It’s going to be a little embarrassing if you go for it and he tells you that he’s already in a relationship.

It’s not hard to find out – check his social media or ask around. You could even drop a few hints like, “I bet your girlfriend likes that shirt” or something similar. It shows you’re interested with mild flirting but it also gives you the answer to your query.

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