6 Ways To Make A Voice That Everyone Will Love

By: Kratika Thu, 10 Feb 2022 11:55:03

6 Ways To Make a Voice That Everyone Will Love

Having a sexy voice isn’t just about getting someone into bed or being a sex icon. Having a sexy voice is all about confidence. Sure, some people are born with a raspy voice that you just can’t turn away from. But, most of us have to learn how to have a sexy voice.

As much as we would all love to believe our favorite singers and actors were just born sexy, they weren’t. Most have voice teachers, trainers, and even those sexy accents were practiced to perfection.

Having a sexy voice gets you some flirty looks, but it is more than that. It is about magnetism. You will have people liking you without knowing you. People want to be closer to you and hear you speak.

This can help you not just romantically, but even with work and everyday life. People will bend over backward for someone with a sexy voice, even if they don’t consciously know why.

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# Make it a point to relax prior to speaking

Achieving a relaxed state before talking will give you full control of your breathing, vocal cords, and oral muscles, allowing you to better control air output and enunciation.

By contrast, a person who’s tense when trying to speak will suffer poor air control causing their voice to break or fade into a squeak. You want to practice your breathing at all times so that you don’t need to take a deep breath in before talking.

# Practice talking using your diaphragm

As mentioned, using your diaphragm to facilitate air control will allow you to produce a deeper-sounding voice. To grasp how it is done, try to speak as if mimicking a man’s deep voice.

Notice how speaking in this manner causes the sound to resonate in your chest cavity before coming out of your mouth. By using your diaphragm, you add warmth and body to your voice, making it sound sexier. This sounds harder than it is, but you can look for tutorials online to learn how to have a sexy voice by speaking from your diaphragm.

make a good voice,relationship tips,couple tips,dating tips

# Practice talking slowly

Fast talkers are a bit of a pain to listen to. If you can imagine what it feels like to experience listening to such types, then it would be a brilliant idea to practice putting brakes on your speech rate. It is like listening to someone who is on fast forward. You only catch every so many words, and you can’t understand them. It’s not sexy.

Talking slowly gives you more control over your pronunciation, making you less likely to stutter and use fillers. In addition to this, talking at the right pace will assure your listener’s attention to your voice.

# Mind your pronunciation

Mispronouncing words brings the wrong attention and distracts your train of thought. That’s why pronunciation must be considered when going for that sexy voice. After all, a good-sounding voice is wasted if the way you pronounce words are way off. Take time to learn a more extensive vocabulary. Even learning how to pronounce obscure words and names will make you sound sexier.

make a good voice,relationship tips,couple tips,dating tips

# Swallow and clear your throat before talking

We’ve seen this a lot in movies or cartoon scenes of a character giving a speech. It might seem like a cliché, but clearing your throat and swallowing excess saliva will make your vocal and word delivery unobstructed.

This is a small way you can ensure you don’t choke on your own saliva when talking. Whether you are saying something important to your boss or your date or just talking with friends, you want to sound clear.

# Open your mouth and jaw when talking

Actors and singers are always taught to fully open their mouths and jaw when speaking to improve their voice. This practice relaxes and gets you used to use your mouth, facial, and jaw muscles when talking. If you want to know how to have a sexy voice, keep in mind that talking without fully opening your mouth will result in a subdued sound and less clarity to certain vocal sounds that require your mouth fully opened.

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