6 Ways To Tell What A Guy Wants From You

By: Kratika Wed, 24 Nov 2021 08:16 AM

6 Ways To Tell What a Guy Wants From You

The art of knowing how to tell what a guy wants from you is a typical dating struggle many girls experience. Also, people change their minds. So, in the beginning, maybe he wasn’t sure how he felt or thought he wanted something casual. Later, he feels you’re someone he wants to settle down with. This is an entirely possible scenario. Of course, so is the opposite.

When it comes to relationships, there’s no black and white. But that doesn’t mean you should feel completely blind in the situation. There are ways to decode how he feels about the relationship and where he wants it to go.

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# You feel on edge

Though you like spending time with him, you’re never entirely comfortable around him. You always feel a little on edge. You never know if he’s going to text you back or even give you a call. If you are having these feelings, then it’s clear he’s not fully invested in you. If he was, you’d feel secure and safe in the relationship.

# Have you met his family and friends?

Has he introduced you to his close-knit circle of friends and family? If so, the odds are he wants to make this relationship serious. Most men don’t introduce a woman they’re seeing to their friends and family unless they want more than just a hook up. If you’ve never met his friends or family, well, odds are this relationship is casual.

# Are you having sex?

Are you exclusively having sex together, or are you both openly sleeping with other people? Is sex the main reason why you hang out? If you’re not doing anything but having sex and also sleeping with other people, then this is a casual relationship. A sex-based relationship isn’t a sign of a serious relationship.

ways to tell what a guy wants from you,mates and me relationship tips

# What do you talk about?

If you’re wondering how to tell what a guy wants from you, keep an eye on the conversations you two have. When it’s a casual relationship, there’s not a lot of deep conversation going on. He’s not trying to get to know you. Instead, it’ll be a lot of small talk and more sexual in nature.

But if you have more intimate conversations about family, friends, life goals, and dreams, then it shows you are opening up to each other. And that’s a good sign he’s interested in something more.

# Does he talk about the future?

When he talks about the future, whether it’s near or far, are you mentioned? This doesn’t have to mean marriage, but usually, if he sees himself with you, he’ll talk about the future with you in it. But, if he’s not into you, well, you will never reach that conversation topic anyways.

# Do you go on dates together?

There’s a big difference between only hanging out in your bedroom and going on dates. If you only see each other to “Netflix and Chill,” it’s clear that this relationship is casual. But, if you go on dates, doing things together without the expectation of sex, well, that’s a sign that there’s something more to the relationship.

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