7 Tips To Help You Impress Your Crush

By: Kratika Thu, 10 Feb 2022 11:55:07

7 Tips To Help You Impress Your Crush

If you want to know how to impress your crush, it’s really a no-brainer. As cliche as this sounds, all you need is to stay true to yourself. You might be nervous or shy, but don’t just keep pining over them forever. Instead, do something that catches their attention.

For starters, you shouldn’t try too hard or appear too smitten or clingy. Keep that in mind, and with a little effort, you’d see that there are lots of ways you can impress your crush naturally without trying too hard. Really, who wouldn’t want to impress that one person they have eyes for? We’re sure anyone would jump at the idea of impressing their crush and turning things in their favor.

Impressing your crush is something you’re going to have to learn, if you really want to land a date with this incredible person you admire and increase your chances of dating them. A bonus is that when you develop your skills of making your crush notice you better, you also increase your confidence and self-esteem.

# Show off

Yes, no one likes a show-off, but impressing your crush with your mad skills will surely curve their interest. You don’t need to be particularly arrogant, but you can use your strengths and best assets to your advantage.

Maybe you have some talents and skills you can use to get them to notice you or have a flair for the arts. You can use that to impress your crush and you never know, that could lead from one thing to another!

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# Make them laugh

Whether you’re the jokester of your friend group or not, being funny is a key way to impress your crush. Use your personal kind of humor, whether that’s sarcasm, pickup lines, one-liners, or telling them an actual joke that would make them laugh.

You know what they say, right? If you make them laugh, you might just get them to fall for you. Not only will this put a smile on your crush’s face, but it will show your ability to laugh at yourself and have a good time.

# Talk about your passions

People’s eyes always sparkle and shine when talking about the things they love. Hearing someone rave about their family, show you pictures of their pet, or even talk about their job or goals in life is so impressive. Don’t shy away from talking about any of these, even if you think they won’t understand it.

Gushing about your passions is just one of the many ways on how to impress your crush. And if your crush is worth the time, they will see how strongly you feel about the important things in your life.

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# Ask for their advice

Looking for a new book to read? Need help with homework or a work project? You can even ask for their help with a home improvement project. They’ll definitely notice you with this move and don’t worry, it doesn’t make you look weak asking for help!

Asking for your crush’s help will not only make them feel needed, but also important and trusted. The fact that you are confiding in them for help means you see them as a good person.

# Show you’re open

In today’s day and age, there is nothing more attractive than someone who is open and tolerant. And there is no bigger turn-off than someone close-minded. If you want to know how to impress your crush, then the best way is to show your openness.

Have a discussion about feminism, the pay gap, or any current topics that you are passionate about. You can bring up Pride month or mention your support of refugees in America.

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# Be polite

Obviously, you’re going to be nice to your crush, but showing that you’re actually a kind person to everyone around you is sure to impress. It’s such a big turn-off when someone’s just nice to you but rude to others, which is why showing your nice side will impress your crush.

Obviously, don’t be fake about it, but show that you genuinely care for others. Be mindful of those around you, tip well, be respectful to service employees, and your crush will see what a great person you are in no time.

# Listen

If you’re wondering how to impress your crush, then empathy goes a long way. Put your listening skills to the test and just listen to them when they’re saying something. This also means not interrupting their sentences and not listening just to think of your response – that’s just plain selfish, and they’ll be able to tell.

Ask insightful questions that prove you were listening and repeat things later. If your crush mentioned they have a little brother whose birthday is coming up, ask them, so what are you getting Tommy for his birthday?

This will go a long way in impressing your crush, we promise.

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