8 Really Fun Things To Do At Sleepovers

By: Kratika Wed, 12 Jan 2022 2:38 PM

8 Really Fun Things To Do at Sleepovers

Sleepovers can be filled with laughter and eating junk food, or it can result in everyone falling asleep to a rerun of Friends. You don’t want the latter. In fact, I can only remember a couple of sleepovers where they hit that level of wow. Mine were never exciting, because I didn’t prepare for these fun things to do at sleepovers prior to having them!

So, if you want to have a sleepover that your friends are going to remember, you’re going to have to plan ahead. Now, you don’t have to have a set list of things you’re going to do by the hour, but having a couple ideas up your sleeve is always a smart move.

You can only watch so many chick flicks. And sure, if you really want to have those silly pillow fights, then go right ahead. But if you want to really take it to the next level, then here are some tips that include super fun things to do at sleepovers.

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# Prep your sleepover room

If your room is dull and cold, well, you’ll want to warm it up. You can really have fun with this and design your room to look like an enchanted fort. Drape blankets from the ceiling, fill the floor with soft blankets and cushy pillows, and hang lights from the windows. You want to make your space warm and cozy… it’s a sleepover!

# Set up a photo booth

Let’s not lie to ourselves – we love taking selfies. So, for fun, you can step up a photo booth and have some fun props like oversized glasses, feather boas, crazy hats and masks. I mean, you can always take a regular selfie, however, it’s a sleepover. So why not have fun with it? Plus, it’s just one of the super fun things to do at sleepovers.

# Have a playlist

I cannot stress this enough. You can’t just be hanging out, eating popcorn in silence. Make a fun and light playlist that you and your friends can dance and sing along to. I mean, haven’t you seen any chick flicks? You need a dance party at least at some point during the night.

# Set up a mini spa

Set up a manicure and pedicure station that your girls can use. Make sure you have all the tools necessary and a variety of nail polishes to choose from. You guys can do each other’s nails, because we all know what our left-hand looks in comparison to our right.

fun things to do at sleepovers,mates and me,relationship tips

# Make homemade facials

Just because you girls won’t be sleeping all night doesn’t mean you can’t have glowing skin the next morning. Homemade facials are so much fun. You can have a couple stations so your guests can choose what type of facial they want. Have the ingredients ready and let them make their own mask.

# Snacks are key

Everyone loves food. And sleepovers are designed for you to pig out on whatever you don’t normally eat: pizza, chips, cookies, candy, and pop. Just remember, these high sugar foods will have you crashing fast. But you can still eat these foods if you just make them with a healthier twist. You want your girls feeling good the next morning, not regretting the two pounds they put on.

# Hot chocolate bar? Or a wine bar

Whichever you guys want. The point is, you can set up a bar where you get to make your own hot chocolate with whipped cream and all the fixings. Everyone loves hot chocolate, regardless of how old you are. Plus, with your sleepover room all warm and cozy, hot chocolate just hits the spot.

# Karaoke

You may have one friend who can kind of sing, but really, it’s not a competition. Put that karaoke machine on and pick that Mariah Carey song. Just make sure your neighbors don’t wake up to you guys screaming at the top of your lungs to We Belong Together. Plus, everyone loves singing along to karaoke.

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