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8 Ways To Look Cute And Sweet And Catch Any Guy's Eye

By: Kratika Thu, 21 Oct 2021 1:15 PM

8 Ways To Look Cute and Sweet and Catch Any Guy's Eye

Let’s be honest, when we’re going to talk about making Bambi eyes at a guy to win him over, of course, everything here is going to sound sexist. And many women are going to find a few things here offensive.You want to rouse a guy’s protective streak and bring out the protective man from within to win him over with cuteness. But playing to your strength, is that ever a bad thing?

If you’re a confident woman and are repulsed by the idea of anything cute, you’re not going to like the fact that some girls can use their so-called weaknesses and convert it into their strengths. All I can say is, don’t reject something just because it doesn’t work for you.

Play to your strengths. If you want to exude sexiness and confidence, and make guys whimper into submission by your sheer awesomeness and sexuality, yay, good for you! But if you want the take the path of cuteness and learn how to look cute, so you can attract a guy and charm every guy to do your bidding, own it! And enjoy it!

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# Don’t force yourself to look sexy

Just don’t bother with that. Play to your strengths. Don’t behave in a sexy manner if you want to look cute. Cute is fragile and nervous. Sexy is confidence and oomph. They don’t mix too well.

# Pastel shades

Avoid bold colors in your wardrobe unless they’re subtle and blended with other colors. Pastels are softer on the eyes and they make you look soft and cuddly. If you want a guy to wish he could hug you and kiss you forever, pastels is the way to go.

# Shift your weight

Now we’re getting sneaky here. What do you do when you’re nervous? You shift your weight from one leg to another, don’t you? If you want to look cute, don’t stand firm in one spot when you’re standing and talking to a guy. Shift your weight from one foot to another every minute or so as you playfully sway your hair and laugh when he says something funny.

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# Play with your hair while talking to him

Run your fingers through your hair, or twirl your hair with a finger, especially when you’re thinking or deciding on something. You can also tuck a few strands of hair behind your ear when you feel awkward. To look cute, don’t hide your awkwardness. Express it instead, and everything you do will look cute.

# Minimal makeup

A lot of makeup can make you look sexy or glamorous. You’re not trying to be a seductress, so avoid heavy makeup. Stick with subtle hues and nude shades to enhance your innocence. Of course, no one says cute girls can’t use makeup. Use them all, but try to keep the makeup more natural-looking instead of bold and sexy.

# Speak softly

Don’t speak in a loud voice when you’re talking to a guy. Instead, speak in a soft, low tone. And smile just a little bit every time you say something to him. It looks coy and is easy to do, but any guy would be falling harder for you with each word you say!

ways to look cute and sweet,how to look catchy,mates and me,relationship tips

# Be fun and spontaneous

Always look at the bright side in life. Be happy and you’ll have a cheerful and positive face that draws people to you. Being cute is all about having fun. Are you happy about something? Playing your favorite song? Enjoying your drink? Happy to see someone from across the street? If your heart skips a beat with happiness, express your inner joy without holding it in!

# Smile. A lot

A girl who smiles always seems more warm and approachable than girls who behave like snobs. Smile a lot. And look cute doing it either by scrunching your nose or pouting your lips now and then watch yourself in a mirror and perfect your cute smile.

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