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8 Ways To Rekindle Your Relationship To Make It Last

By: Kratika Wed, 22 June 2022 7:45 PM

8 Ways To Rekindle Your Relationship To Make It Last

Everybody loves the honeymoon phase… for so many reasons. You’ve freshly fallen for someone new and are having amazing sex, the best dates, and every adventure with them is exciting. But what happens when that stage is over?

The sex gets boring, your dates become routine, and you’re far too comfortable with them for anything to be exciting. If you’ve ever gone through the honeymoon phase with anyone, you know I’m right.

There’s just something about getting too comfortable with someone that takes all the fire out of a relationship which sucks! Don’t you want that spark back? Don’t you want to feel like you’re a lovesick teenager again?

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# Address the problem at hand

Sometimes it’s just a rut, but other times it might be something much more serious than that. Figure out which it is and address that issue. They could have done something that put you off or maybe you did something to them.

Either way, in order to start rekindling that hot romance, you have to get rid of whatever is putting a damper on it in the first place.

# Spend some time apart

Absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Couples who have lost that spark often just spend too much time together and kind of become numb to each other’s presence. Spending time apart gives you both the opportunity to miss each other and the qualities that you love.

# Try something new

Sure, eating at the same restaurant every Friday night might be nice, because they know your order before you even walk in the door, but it’s far too predictable. There’s no excitement there and definitely no spark.

Try a new restaurant or go do something that neither of you has ever done… but has always wanted to. Science says that learning something new together brings a couple closer.

# Join a group league

If the two of you are in a rut because all you see is each other, this is a fantastic way to spend time rekindling your relationship while also meeting new people. You’ll get to bond in a new environment that can help spark that special something that’s been missing.

ways to rekindle your relationship to make it last,mates and me,relationship tips

# Take ballroom dance classes

One—or both—of you may not want to, because it can be intimidating and embarrassing, but trust me. Ballroom dancing is a way to not only bring the two of you closer together physically and emotionally, but it will also give you a new skill to show off at any social event you have to go to.

# Put on something sexy

When you need to rekindle your relationship, you probably need to rekindle your sex life, too. What better way to get that up and moving again than to throw on something that your partner will not be able to resist? Get something sexy and walk around the house in it. It’ll be an amazing surprise that’ll get their blood pumping.

# Spice up the bedroom

Don’t just use clothes to look good in bed; you have to spice up the whole act. Since it’s probably progressed to something rather predictable and dare I say boring, you need some new moves in between the sheets. Try some new positions or throw in a sex toy!

# Take an exotic vacation

Work, chores, and everyday life can take a toll on your relationship. You get so caught up in the routine of it all that you forget you have someone else to put your time and energy into.

To escape all of that so you have time for your significant other, go on an amazing vacation together! You will both be relaxed and happy to be in each other’s company and that spark will reignite on its own.

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